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analyze and optimize HPC workloads and
decide which one could move to the cloud.

HPC is now a service

It all started in a World ruled by Hardware innovators. HPC was a scientific instrument. Computer Science became a Science.

It moved softly to a Software World in which Workload Scheduling and Grid Optimization were Keywords. HPC became a key constituent of Product Design processes across industries.

It is now a Service Industry, leveraging Data as the new Oil and Decision Making as a new complementary field.

Our world is facing tremendous sociocultural, environmental and health challenges. Solutions will come from people, Use Cases will drive HPC democratization, HPC deployments will be hybrid.

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Our analysis & prediction tools learn from your data, in real time. They assess the current behavior of your HPC infrastructure and deliver you guidelines to improve the clusters’ performance.
On top of that, our Cloud enabler tools will allow you to deploy a fully functional HPC Cluster in the Cloud after identifying which of your workloads should move to it and at what cost.

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Whether you’re willing to start your Cloud Journey and find your way to become “Hybrid Ready” or looking for HPC Services to support your current environment, we have a solution for it.

NICE products

To simplify access to your HPC resources and , to be able to process your data where they have been computed, we provide you with a web portal and high-end remote visualization capabilities – Discover NICE products from UCIT.


Cloud Journey

To facilitate the transition toward hybrid environments by integrating seamlessly flexible and on-demand resources with existing HPC infrastructures – UCIT take you through your “HPC Cloud Journey“.

HPC Services

To build your HPC platform from the ground up, from the hardware selection to the support and maintenance of the cluster in production, UCit formed an alliance with HPCNow! and Do IT Systems – Discover the range of HPC services from Do IT Now.


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