Cloud Cluster Made Easy

Moving to the cloud isn’t like building your next HPC cluster on-premises… or is it? CCME (Cloud Cluster Made Easy) is a solution that composes AWS services to transparently build customizable HPC clusters in just a few minutes.

Each workload is unique. CCME allows you to simply create multiple cluster profiles that will match your workloads’ needs: adapt the type and number of compute resources, provision a high-performance network and file system, automatically scale in and out to follow demands…

CCME provides fully featured HPC clusters in the AWS Cloud, and helps you track and control your costs.


Scale resources according to jobs’ needs

Access anywhere through User web interface & Remote visualization

Manage user access

Publish services embedding complex applications

Manage data, from parallel file system to object storage

Rely on standard job schedulers

Monitor resources and track costs

Manage multiple cluster profiles


Looking at the power of CCME and the complexity of AWS environments, we decided to build “boxes…

We packaged an HPC cluster – which looks like yours (well, you’ll have a fewsmall steps to do there), then we added a few services (we heard that budget control was somewhat important) .

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