2021 UCit Advent Calendar 🎁

Rules of the Game :

See you everyday for the opening of a new box in our Advent Calendar !

Find the word (in french) or the OKA expression hidden behind each thumbnail.

Example : This is a bOKAl

Can you guess them all ?

Everyday at midnight, the box of the day will be unveiled… No worries if you go to sleep early: this is not a speed test!

A winner will be drawn everyday from the correct answers and will won a surprise.*

The big prize : There’s no need to play everyday to join the contest! The thumbnails of the previous days are available until December 25th. The champion who has discovered the most correct answers will be able to taste his festive gift on January 1st.*

Good luck ! 

*Please, indicate a correct e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win

door-Day 1
door-Day 4
door-Day 15
door-Day 3
door-Day 10
door-Day 6
door-Day 5
door-Day 7
door-Day 13
door-Day 19
door-Day 23
door-Day 16
door-Day 21
door-Day 9
door-Day 24
door-Day 14
door-Day 20
door-Day 25
door-Day 11
door-Day 17
door-Day 8
door-Day 2
door-Day 18
door-Day 12
door-Day 22