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Project automatically the cost of your HPC workloads on AWS

Be it for peak demands or for more frequent use, when considering a move to the Cloud for some HPC workloads, one question is central: what will be the cost of such a service?

CloudSHaper gives an estimation of the budget you need to provision for running selected workloads to the Cloud. Hiding the complexity of the Cloud and automatically composing with the proposed services, CloudSHaper presents in a standard and comprehensible way the costs associated with running a full HPC cluster tailored to your workloads in the Cloud: services, compute, data, transfer and visualization.

CloudSHaper feeds on your cluster’s logs and allows you to select which types of jobs you want to consider in the estimation and to design the cluster you need based on the target performances. It then dynamically queries the Cloud provider to retrieve the most up to date price lists and presents budget estimates from multiple scenarios. 



Budget Planning

Identify the budget you need to move selected workload to the Cloud, prior to any deployment


Costs Assessment

Evaluate multiple strategies for your workloads: lift and shift, optimized costs or optimizes performances 


Performance Scenarios

Track down actual resources usage and associated costs, and compare with estimated budgets