UCit focuses on High Performance Computing.

We embarked on this journey with a strong motto “Democratizing HPC”. We walked the talk through a strong partnership with NICE Software and its flagship products : the EnginFrame® portal and the leading edge remote visualisation solution DCV®. As we engaged with more and more clients, we published “10 best practices” to describe our vision of an HPC environment designed for end users.

Quite naturally, cloud benefits became obvious but not for all workloads… HPC Cloud will be hybrid and decision-making tools will be necessary to make the best use of it.

Combining our statistics, machine-learning and scheduling expertise, we developed our first tools for HPC Analysis and Prediction. Analyze-IT helps you understand how your HPC infrastructure delivers services so that you can identify means to optimize it. Predict-IT helps you act on it to make it even more productive.

This is the beginning of the story, let us invite you to continue this journey together.


We are committed to long-term solutions and prioritize advice over sales. Our team shares values which you can discover on the graphics below.


We are team of experts, each one of us in his domain, who counsel and accompany you. We are committed to demonstrating excellency in all our interactions with you to recommend the best adapted solutions.


We always prefer sound, robust and proven choices to innovations we do not master. If some of the choices you make do not fit in our domain of expertise or in our partners’, we are committed to explicitly notifying you.


Our products are specifically looking to your specific data and use cases. Based on your data, they are just like our counsels: tailored to your needs.


Our solutions are both efficient and mastered, they make your HPC environment more easily accessible and more productive. Applications are seen as services published to users who need them.